Basic types of Press brake: 


  • NC

  • CNC

General characteristics: 

  • mechanical system to run with a torsion bar,
  • mechanical breaking system
  • possibility of continuous adjustment of pressure and stopping points of the pressing position,
  • possibility of adjusting the backgauge and gap between tools with a reading at the appropriate values of these counters,
  • three types of impact: singles, continuing and stepping,
  • buttons to stop in an emergency,
  • protection system connected to an electrical closet and a protective fence

Any modification on the press to your request is possible.


Technical characteristic of different models of press brake:  SEE HERE

CNC presses with servo electro-hydraulic steering without modifications can also be supplied in the following models: SEE HERE

NOTE: if you do not know the required force, and you know the thickness and width of the sheet SEE HERE

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