Basic types of hydraulic scissors:


  • NC

  • CNC

General technical specifications of hydraulic sheaing machine:

  • • welded construction with steel sheets,
    • a worktable with roller balls,
    • front brackets and adjustable side support,
    • nitrogen cylinders,
    • continuous setting of the number of impacts,
    • possibility of adjusting the lower knife parallel,
    • a system for adjusting the gap between the knives with the possibility of reading the gap values,
    • motorized rear stop,
    • possibility of manual adjustment of the rear stop,
    • position indicators of the last stop and the number of cuts performed,
    • possibility of selecting individual or continuous cutting,
    • Light system for alignment,
    • a system of protection through the length limit of the pressure gauge,
    • foot pedal with emergency shut-off switch,
    • Protective system connected to electric wardrobe and protective fence ...
A large number of optional components:                                                                                                                                                                      • ball spindles,
            • NC or CNC control unit
            • a pneumatic system,
            • controls for both hands,
            • additional protective curtains,
            • infrared protection system, etc. 

Automatic adjusting length of stroke and gap between blades on NC and CNC shearing machine


Any modification to the machine at your request is possible.

Technical characteristics of different models of shears: SEE HERE        

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